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  From the Best of YGolf...                                               Beverly Johnson:  She's a Supermodel
                                                                   AND a Super Golfer! 
​When your list of accomplishments includes appearing on the cover of more than 500 magazines like Essence, Cosmopolitan  and Glamour, it might be easy to sit back comfortably and say, well, how can I possibly top that?

Beverly Johnson, the first African American supermodel to appear on the cover of Vogue keeps adding new chapters to her impressive life story. She’s a model, an actress, and she has a new hair care line currently available at Target. But even with an exhausting schedule like that, Beverly reserves ample time for her passion – golf.

How long have you been golfing, and why do you golf?

I’ve been playing for 10 years. I golf because I like the solitude, you’re in nature, and it’s a test of mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being. All three come into play. It's very challenging, and the challenge is with yourself. 

What’s your game like?
My game is very good right now. It’s tight. I just came in 2nd place in the Kraft Nabisco Pro-Am and 1st place in the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournament.

What’s in your golf bag?
I use a Taylormade driver, Macgregor woods, Callaway irons, and Ping wedges. The new putter I’m using is by Ashton, and I use Bridgestone balls.

Who are your favorite golf partners?
Anyone with a low handicap. I love to partner with really good players because it brings your game up.

Have you had good experiences playing with men?
I play mostly with guys, and I like to play with guys because they are not intimidated by the competition…and I’m not intimidated to compete with them. I’m fearless and relentless with the guys. It’s fun!

What is your favorite course to play?
The PGA Stadium Course, one of the top 100 courses in the world which is in my current hometown of La Quinta, California. It’s the course I live on.

Can you recall your best shot or your best round ever?
I had it at PGA Stadium, recently. I got to the 18th hole, and I realized I was shooting even. Of course, I hooked my drive into the bunker. It was bad, but I told myself not to panic. I managed to hit it out of the bunker. I had 90 yards to the hole. I hit the best shot and landed 4 feet from the hole. Then…I missed the putt. I cried for like 2 weeks.

What’s your opinion of women’s golf clothes?
They’re ok. I like stretchy fabrics so you can move and stay cool. I believe there is a way you can have that and still be fashionable.

Do you have any words of wisdom for women looking to take up the sport? 
It’s a great sport. It teaches you to focus on things you can control and to save your energy on things that are out of your control. I try to take the same approach to my life.

You’re a model, actress, and entrepreneur. How do you keep your life balanced and fit everything in?
I set priorities, and when I do that, everything is cohesive. Everything falls into place.

Beverly Johnson Hair Care
Beverly Johnson now delivers the secrets of runway-perfect hair care. Faced with the challenge of maintaining and protecting her hair through constantly changing colors, cuts and styles, Beverly has packaged solutions to meet the unique hair needs of women of color. She is committed to delivering the highest quality, runway-proven products for beautiful, healthy hair. All products in the Beverly Johnson Hair Care line are paraben free. For more information about the Beverly Johnson Hair Collection click here.

photos courtesy of: Beverly Johnson and Getty Images

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