Lady golfers will be thrilled to know that there's a new product on the market that you absolutely MUST have and that really lives up to its name -- the SAVE YOUR DO GymWrap.

For years, many women have been using their hair as an excuse not to exercise. After spending a ton of money and countless hours getting a fabulous new hairdo, it's really hard to make the choice of sweating it out when you want to get your workout in.

Actress Nicole Ari Parker designed this revolutionary new product for herself while training for a fitness competition. She wanted to get in shape but still remain presentable and ready for work, social events and life in general. SAVE YOUR DO is the fashionable way to save your hairstyle while at the gym, exercising outdoors, or living an active lifestyle. And yes, ladies, it definitely works for golfers when you're practicing hard out there on the driving range or during those long 5-hour rounds on the course.

The SAVE YOUR DO GymWrap comes in (3) styles and a variety of colors that works great for all hairstyles.

YGolf Publisher Yvonne Thomas tested the SAVE YOUR DO Narrow Band GymWrap recently at the Rolling Greens Women's Golf Clinic held at The Lakes Golf Course in El Segundo, California. Although not a particularly hot day, Yvonne spent time on the driving range assisting some of the ladies at the clinic with their golf swings. Golf is typically not considered to be a sport or an activity that gives you a real workout. But avid golfers and the participants at the clinic now know better. Spend 30 minutes hitting a bucket of golf balls on the driving range, and you will definitely work up a sweat. Several ladies who were experiencing their first time on a golf course commented that they had no idea they would be getting such a workout.

Yvonne wore the GymWrap for the entire clinic and when she removed it later at home she was sold.  "When I took off the headband, the edges of my hair were as flat and straight as they were before I put it on. I'll definitely be wearing the SAVE YOUR DO GymWrap when practicing golf and with my regular fitness routine. It works! 

The patent pending Edge Control Technology:
* Wicks away moisture
* Allows heat to escape
* Keeps your hair flat

So what are you waiting for? Nicole has just given you a solution for keeping your hair looking great when you're jogging, doing Zumba, and yes, when you're blasting 150 yard golf shots with your new driver!
And in honor of Nicole's daughter Sophie, she and her husband Boris Kodjoe have created the Sophie's Voice Foundation (SVF) whose mission is to elevate the quality of life for children and adults diagnosed with spina bifida. 10% of proceeds from SAVE YOUR DO GymWrap will go to support SVF.
For more information and to purchase this product please visit:

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Fashion Tips to Unleash
Your Inner Golf Diva

By Yvonne Thomas
Are you anxious to unleash your inner diva on the golf course but hesitant about how to go about it? Finding the right outfit to wear on the course can sometimes be almost as stressful as hitting a 100-yard shot over a water hazard to reach the green. But there's no need to fear. There are a few simple tricks that can help every woman turn her closet into a trendy golf boutique.

Most women want to look feminine on the course, and they want to refrain from looking too sexy. There's an extensive list of do's and don'ts for the lady golfer that can be beneficial for everyone.

-First off, know the dress code at your golf course. You can avoid a lot of trouble ahead of time if you make sure to find out what's acceptable and what is not.
-Next, start with the basics“ especially on the bottom. Whether you're wearing a skirt, Capri pants, shorts, or a skort, you can be safe by starting with a solid black, tan, brown or cream color.
*TIP If you look in a mirror straight on and start at your hips, locate your hip bone, and then go straight down. You will notice that we all widen at our hip bone but most of us get slender as you go further down your leg. The point where your leg gets slender is the spot where your shorts or skirt should hit. This will camouflage the thickest part of your leg on the inside and the outside.

-On the top, you can start to introduce color and don't be afraid of it. If you have blue or green eyes, blues and greens can be your friend. If you like patterns or stripes, go with a diagonal instead of a vertical. If it's a horizontal stripe, make sure the stripe is thin. But above all, dress for your body type. 

-Shop your closet for a top that's golf appropriate but not really golf attire and remember that just because you're playing golf doesn't mean you have to shop at a golf store. Look around and select tops with a full shoulder, cap sleeve or maybe even a ruffle. 

-Have your clothing fitted by a tailor. Most of us can't walk into a store and buy something off the rack and have it fit perfectly. You never want to be tugging and pulling while you're trying to concentrate on your game and tailors can help transform non golf pieces into perfect golf-wear. Consider having a tailor build in deeper pockets to a skirt or capris that you purchased at a non golf store. Just make sure that the piece you buy meets the needs that you have as a golfer. 

-No golf fashion article would be complete without discussing bras. Get a bra fitting and buy one that's comfortable for golf. Sports bras are popular but they're not absolutely necessary. Wearing one for golf is a personal choice. Just make sure that the bra that you wear has padding so nothing shows through.

-And finally, once your outfit is set, try it on and take a practice swing in front of the mirror or pretend you're lining up a putt. You want to be very sure that when you're out there playing, you can complete your swing or pick up a ball without showing off all the goods in the front or in the back!

There are ways to pull off beauty, sexiness and cuteness on the course with items that aren't typically designed for golf. That's how you stand out. That's how you're going to own your look!

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